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I am Seruni, a mother from Indonesia and Founder of MofoMofa.
My journey started, when I met 2 amazing orangutan rehabilitation pioneers at the Ragunan Zoo in Jakarta/Indonesia, Ibu Ulla and Barbara (Ex-girlfriend of Jimmy Hendrix), who had dedicated their lives to the survival of the Orangutans.
They both inspired me to pursue my dream of creating hope and homes for the people of the forest as I believe I can make a difference by contributing from my heart to yours.
Our vehicles are Mofomofa (”blessing“) and Estafet (“Passing on”) and because I am mother, it is my duty to spread the message to our children.
This way a mother can inspire the next generation and be remembered by her children for creating momentum no matter how modern life is.

Fashion - Passion

Following 9 years in a corporate bank in Indonesia, I decided to quit my job and pursue my passion for Fashion Design at the European Fashion School in Buenos Aires – Argentina, where I moved with my husband.

Cooking my heart out

In Argentina I opened my own home-restaurant “LOMBOK COCINA de INDONESIA” with my close friend Zehan Nurhazar, who is the co-founder of Lattente, best barista café for 3 consecutive year in Argentina as we both love food, entrepreneurship and the chance to introduce our Indonesian culture to the world. The amazing thing is that once you reach out to the universe with your dreams, the universe somehow responds back and helps you in many mysterious ways and I am really grateful having so many amazing friends from the KBRI Buenos Aires, who supported us, especially our Ambassador Mrs. Dr.Nurmala Kartini Pandjaitan Sjahrir aka Ibu Kartini, who helped us arrange a special dinner menu for 12 people, which included the ambassadors of Thailand, Sweden, India, Vietnam, South Africa and even the first daughter of Mr. Nelson Mandela, Mrs. Zenani Mandela-Dlamini, which truly blew my mind as we just could not believe that something we had created suddenly had this amazing group of people come to our house and eat our food. OMG every time I remember that moment, I feel like I won in the lottery.

Don’t cry for me Argentina

When my husband’s contract was up, we had to move again, which really BROKE MY HEART and still brings tears to my eyes as I had some many close friends with whom we were pursuing our dreams. I truly left a piece of my heart in Argentina, but on a very positive note I still have a small family there, whom I love so much and after our son was born, we then moved back to Asia (Bangkok). Becoming a mother encouraged me so much to do something for my son, who gave me a lot inspiration to follow my heart in the pursuit of my dreams to create a global iconic fashion brand for women and children to inspire all in the promotion of our national batik heritage whilst creating hope and homes for the people of the forest.

Proud of my Indonesian heritage – Spread the word!

I really like the idea of wearing original clothes, so I created my own brand – MOFOMOFA, which I have now combined with my mission to help the people of the forest. I was the first designer who created sarong-pants and now I have fused orangutans with our beautiful batik Indonesia. We simply cannot allow that neither our beautiful national Indonesian rainforest or batik be gone with the wind one day. It is our mission to promote our new iconic MOFOMOFA creations for as many people to recognize our products of Wonderful Indonesia. We can’t do this by ourselves. We need YOU to spread the message and create awareness. I love orangutans and I love Batik – I am proud of my country INDONESIA and I am proud to be born INDONESIAN. That is the fuel behind the MOFOMOFA brand as our tool to reach and inspire others to save the orangutan and support batik Indonesia, purchase with purpose, from our hearts to yours. Pass on the torch by joining the MofoMofa Orangutan Estafet.

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