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What Do Orangutans Eat?

Many children thoughts that orangutans are monkeys. One day, when we attended the International Day event at KIS International School in Bangkok, I asked them: What do orangutans eat? They simultaneously answered, "BANANA." I again asked why they only ate bananas? They replied that the monkeys in the movies always ate bananas. Then I asked them to take notes while listening carefully to my explanation of orangutan's food. I ask them to spread this message to their friends, mothers, fathers, teachers and relatives.

Their primary food is banana (60%)

The young foliage (25%)

Flowers and twigs (10%)

Insects, especially ants; termite; and crickets (5%), and sometimes eggs

Orangutans are rarely seen eating small mammals

So, not just BANANA.


Monkeys have tails. Orangutans are apes.


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