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Every MofoMofa product is a pure love from the deepest of our hearts for you #sahabatorangutan.
Help us to create hope and a new home for the Orangutans - our forest inhabitants.
Every purchase of Mofomofa means that you have contributed to donations to be distributed through the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF).
Mofomofa - OneLove.
About orangutans

Mofomofa Estafet

Together we build home for orangutans and preserving Indonesian Batik

Why #sayangorangutan

  • Bagian dari indonesia

    Indonesian Pride

    Orangutans originated from Indonesia and only found in Indonesia.
  • Membantu ekosistem

    Support the ecosystem

    Orangutans helps to open forest canopies and spread seeds of new plants.
  • Terancam Punah

    Critical Endangered

    In the past 16 years 100,000 orangutans have been killed caused by deforestation and poaching.
  • Membutuhkan habitat

    Demand habitat

    There are only around 50,000 Bornean Orangutans and 7,000 Sumatran Orangutans that are still in the wildforest and deserve to live.

Why Batik

  • Bagian dari indonesia

    Indonesian Pride

    Batik is one of the cultural richness of Indonesia.
  • Representasi bangsa

    national representation

    Describes the creativity and spirituality of the Indonesian people.
  • Warisan Budaya

    cultural heritage

    Indonesia has more than 5,000 batik patterns from Aceh to Papua.
Mofomofa is a manifestation of our pride of
Indonesia as well as inspiration for others to save Orangutans and support Indonesian batik.
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