MofoMofa Orangutang Estafet

With our campaign “Mofomofa Orangutang Estafet” we wish to give back to our unique and beautiful Indonesia

Our dream is simple We need a home as do the Orangutans.
Our mission is simple : Sharing is the best way to show our LOVE.
Our plan is simple : “ WE NEED YOU” to spread the message and inspire others on this journey

Adopt and bring a Funny, Fashionable and Handy Orangutan friend with you every day. The MofoMofa Colorful designs will put a smile on your face. And you will send a positive message to the world to save the people of the forest and support Batik Indonesia

Foundation Support

Every MofoMofa Orangutan Creation is a gift from our heart to yours

Help create Hope and Homes for the Organgutans – Our people of the forest

Every purchase with purpose contributes a donation to the Boreno Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOS)

MofoMofa - OneLove.

Available Products

Take me home

Fold-able bag

Hug me Dolls

Soft "Teddy Bear"

Cuddle me

Soft doll keychain